Saturday, 19 November 2011



These are exciting times for people who wish to stream films and programmes into their homes.

Virgin Media's cable network enabled them to become the UK's leading provider of VOD content, and their TiVo box has the potential to provide even more content via a dedicated broadband connection.

BT Vision can lay claim to the title of the UK's fastest growing pay-TV service, and they also offer a substantial amount of VOD content for a low cost. Meanwhile, the content kings known as Sky have rolled out their Anytime VOD service, not only to those Satellite customers who can get it, but also to owners of portal devices.

Waiting in the wings is the often delayed YouView, promising PVR functionality with Freeview HD and support for streaming services.

But its not all about services offered by Pay-TV (or even free-TV) platforms. Far from it.

Lovefilm have been offering a movie streaming service for ages now, alongside their DVD rental service. Lovefilm, now backed by the might of Amazon, will face fierce competition soon from the long-awaited UK arrival of Netflix, who have been on a content buying spree before their launch in 2012. Meanwhile, the Google-backed YouTube recently started offering movies to stream.

Did I mention those fabulous games consoles? They just don't play games you know! Both Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 allow you to stream content as well, with the 360 getting a major update soon which will add additional content from the likes of YouTube, Channel 4 and Five.

There's also the elephant in the room known Apple TV. Add the impending arrival of Roku to the UK and it all adds up to all out, streaming warfare which will hopefully provide UK consumers with plenty of choice. Did I mention the increasing number of Internet-connected TVs and Blu Ray players from the likes of LG, Sony and Samsung?

On this blog, I'll be posting the odd news story about these streaming services and the platforms their on. I'll probably be focusing more on the services since I don't own or subscribe to all the platforms.

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